Saturday 2 July 2011

Tribal Reservations

We all have our tribe. Being kinda foreign in France but feeling oddly patriotic about her but also still standing for God Save the Queen, I'm not sure whether I'm tribeless or a member of an  extra important minority group called "a person of mixed tribe". I've always wanted to be part of an unassailable victimised minority that no one could criticize and that kindly ambitious politicians and lawyers would support. However, even if you're in the mainstream, blameworthy and guilt ridden tribe, you can still subdivide into cool tribesfolk and mockable tribesfolk. Only if you are in the same tribe can you mock your fellow tribespersons. This is the first law of tribal correctness. In France we have Les CH'TIS. This word, which is pronounced "SSchtee", signifies the way this community pronounces words with an s sound as a ssch sound. Now, although members of the CH'TIS community are allowed to live anywhere in France, they are only to be found in the North. The whole matter is illuminated brilliantly in a film called "Bienvenue chez les CH'TIS". If you are a Francophile and want to learn something esoteric about France, the human race and French comedy, watch this film. Amazon has the DVD.

So, if it hasn't been fixed, made, repaired or planned - I'd better forget it. Today was the start of the Tour de France and today was the end of Gilles. There is of course live coverage, dead coverage, highlight coverage and drug raid coverage. It only goes on for a month. Please please let somebody French win.

I finished "Pregnant with the billionaire's baby" or "Just one night of love" in the French edition. Poor girl was in a dilemma. Should she go off to live in poverty as a single mother with twins or should she marry the most attractive billionaire in the world with whom she is in love? No! I won't spoil the ending for you.

Emma thinx: Dilemma - Two books by Jane Austen.

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