Sunday 31 July 2011


The holidays have begun for real. Massive queues on Autoroutes, businesses closed down. Our little town was buzzing this morning as campers and day tourists filled the streets. All in all a good day to stay at home and write. I really should talk more about writing. I have all kind of writing missions to fulfill. I have to do something for a web site dealing with French life. I have to do something about being on Kindle. I have to do some book promo blurb. All of these things are quite pleasant and give me the illusion of actually writing. As far as the book publishing aspect of writing I am so lucky that Gilles selflessly gives up so much time to help me with  the inflammation technology. Rosina does all manner of promotions and chasing sales. To be honest I've come to think that being a Kindle author is almost more about the tub thumping than the actual book. Now, let me say a bit about my book "Knockout!". Recently a reviewer saw my new professionally produced cover and said " Excuse me - but it does kinda look like a Harlequin style romance."  Well, BINGO! I wish I had their success. I've read many Harlequin Romances over the years and they do not present many surprises. I first came to read them in French when I was looking for relatively unsophisticated vocabulary and prose style. "Knockout!" is a straightforward romance, the sex is on the paler side of purple, passionate and has no obscenities or curious behaviours. It's about a girl who falls for a big tough bloke. It's supermarket checklit. It didn't really happen. It's a made up story. Harlequin - you can have me - you can kiss my lips numb, find a place in my core that I've never known before and carry me to your castle and impregnate me,  with a contract and your babies.. You can take me now!

Gilles had his shirt off in the garden. He's looking tanned. I do like to look at him - what's the oldest possible age for a Romantic novel hero? I guess if he were a Latin billionaire.....

We have sparrows. The dear little souls have evaded various anti nesting devices under the roof tiles and this year's brood of piafs seem to have come through well, despite the drought. I can never see a sparrow without mentally acknowledging Edith Piaf and how she changed the course of my life. She still flies on plainly dressed street wise wings and chirrups out the human soul.

Emma thinx: If you just can't stop - at least enjoy it.

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