Tuesday 24 July 2012

Для всех моих друзей в России

OK - I'm showing off again. I bet no one thought I was fluent in Russian - well Google translation is as close as I can get. The title line should translate as "For all my friends in Russia". I do not know who they are but there are hundreds of them logging on to my blog and I have no idea why Comrades. So dear Russians - I love you all and special love will go to any one adding a comment from Russia. 

Reach for the skies
I am on holiday so I am writing this blog on my terrasse. In fact I find myself sitting idly on my terrasse more and more. As the sun dries my skin I will soon look like a remake of Terrassic Park. And yes- there are real lizards in the dry stone wall. As temperatures zoom towards the melting point of foie gras I'm just gonna post a few photos from around the gorgeous undiscovered town of Saint Savinien Sur Charente. I cannot believe my good fortune at living here. Of course, les tournesols are grown as a commercial crop - it does not seem possible that they turn out millions of Van Gogh masterpieces just so that you can fry a perfect frite to go with your moules. But they do. 

If I had ever doubted that this place is in fact paradise, I must confess to a moment of religious experience a couple of days ago. I had put some left over chocolate sauce in the fridge and someone had seen it and dipped in a finger. The following morning the sauce had set, revealing the true nature of the Universe - Love and Chocolate. Just at that moment the church bells started to ring and a cockerel crowed while a neighbour's dog howled at the bells. All of Nature gelled as one. Not since I was a teenager and saw the face of Marc Bolan in a cloud had I felt this close to The Infinite.И так до свидания моих русских читателей.

Emma thinx:  Man cultivates. Nature culminates.  


  1. Isn't it strange? There are Russians visiting my blog, too. I think they may be practicing their English so they can bag a rich American husband. (Ha!) On the other hand, I believe there is a great affinity between Americans and Russians. We're both romantics. We need happy endings. Look at Crime and Punishment. Boy is ax murderer. Boy still gets girl. No Russian and no American would write Great Expectations. Girl is a man-killer. Boy is lucky to be rid of her. Of course, in the American film version, boy gets girl. Poor slob. British and Japanese are realists. They know better. Not every ending is happy.

  2. Oooh ... I'm on my hols too and on a terrasse but in the Swiss Alps - looking down over Lucerne. What is it about chocolate and holidays? If I was visiting you it might be my finger in that chocolate pot (laugh)! It is amazing though the wide range of non-English speaking countries who click through to read blogs, often makes me feel that I should know more languages than I do! (She says with French/English dictionary in hand....). I'm sure many of your Russian visitors speak perfect English ...but I'm sure they will be thrilled to be acknowledged!


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