Tuesday 10 July 2012

My Starter Starz

Winners have no mercy 
Recently I found myself being a sweet old grandma playing pooh sticks with my (step) grand son. If I had realised that he could not swim I would never have thrown him in in the river.(Well, he is 17). Luckily he was saved by some Amazon trolls who lived under the bridge. From now on I'm sticking to twigs.

This incident gave me the impetus to embark on my "Pass The Book" campaign. It is a simple enough idea. I give a reader a book, they read it, comment upon it if they wish and then pass it on. 

Starter Star Super Nurse Kate
Readers are encouraged to send in photos of themselves with the book and prizes will be given for the most unusual locations. Once the book sets out, no one knows where it will go. The great river of literature will sweep them on to the foaming passionate seas of Romance. On the other hand, it might get left on the bus and tossed in the bin. Other copies might find their way to the libraries of wealth soaked Oiligarchs, Princes or the give-away bins outside junk shops. The great thing is that anyone can see the track of the text by logging on to Pass the book Hall of Fame. You can see where your book has been and also where it ended up after you. 

Starter Star (Education Angel) Maid Marian
There is a copy for a blog reader anywhere in the world. If you would like to be a Starter Star, leave a comment indicating your interest on this post. A random reader will be selected on 5th August. The winner will receive their copy by snail mail.

I must give credit to Debra Hamel and Gypsi Phillips for coming up with the Pass The Book idea.

I know there are drought sufferers out there. If only I could send you some rain I would. All the same, Great Britain has resumed its normal summer pattern. We did not win Wimbledon or the British Grand Prix. It is ennobling to live in a land of tradition. Bradley Wiggins is leading the Tour de France....

Emma thinx: Golfer's Nirvana - a whole in one. 


  1. You crack me up, Emma! Love your sense of humour and your style. Let us know how the Pass The Book campaign goes, would love to see all those photos. Brilliant idea!

  2. The campaign sounds like fun. I already know where I would take the picture here in Detroit.

  3. Great idea. I want to be part of it. If you're involved, it's gonna be good.

  4. Brilliant idea! Pure genius - why am I not surprised! Go, lady go!

  5. What a fabulous idea - I love it - the only problem is that I only publish ebooks. However, if anyone wants to include me (in Scotland) I can take part by signing the book and taking the pic of me with it before sending it on. Well done Emma - you are a genius!

    Janice xx


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