Monday 31 March 2014

Blinkers And Nose-Bags

Utopia or Dystopia - you couldn't make it up. Video gamers living  life to the full.
Free from my futile attempts to bust blocks with my soaring poetic prose, (all available on Amazon and a refuse disposal facility near you), I've been able to notice a few other traces of human life around me. 

The writer's life is a bit like that of a video gamer or blinkered horse that has lost its dentures in its nosebag. I know horses don't have dentures but none of my characters are real either. 

Here is a video I picked up from the stimulating blog of Claude Nougat.If you want to read erudite features that allow you to see further by poking you in the eye, this is the one place to go! 

And here is another little clip that maybe provides a model by which we might proceed to approach our issues.

It's wonderful to know that there are intelligent young folk out there who  are not entirely focused on that gold nugget at the bottom their own nose-bag universe.    

Emma Thinx: Blinkers and nose-bags; the virtual bread and circus.                                                                            

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