Thursday 21 July 2011

I Believe in Mirabelles

They don't like it you know - this whole patio thing. It's not as if I'm setting up a fish and chip shop selling battered oysters and snail fritters. Mind you - if there are any entrepreneurs out there please feel free to have a go. "I suppose you will be leaving...uh.....places for zee plants?" commented a shrugging well wisher. No - it is the avoidance of plants AND WEEDS that je cherche.  I do hope to have a vine up the South face of Chateau Calin - but I'm kinda in dread of the well wishing grape harvesters who doubtless will know that the soil is better on the south western slope. When I was in England for my tooth re-build I saw a virgin fertile field on the outskirts of Romsey which was being raped/ bulldozed for several thousand houses. Such an event here would lead to kidnapping of developers  and the construction of guillotines. Here people respire, live and die. But the soil BREATHES and is immortal.

A wonderful neighbour has just arrived with a huge bucket full of mirabelles. I tasted some a few days ago for the first time. They are a variety of greengage/plum and are a kinda large cherry size. Gifts of fruit are a currency of affection and acceptance. I feel humbled and doubly ashamed of my Anglo patio. I'll do a barbecue to make up for things. I mean, what can a romantic novelist do for people?

There's problems at the beaches of La Palmyre. The naturists (nudists) are shivering. Finally they have given up and are wearing clothes. Now - whatever your religious beliefs, you must accept this as evidence of evolution.

OK - I'm sorry about this cycling stuff. BUT, Thomas Voeckler is still in the yellow jersey of the Tour de France. Today was an historic day in the history of La Grande Boucle. Andy Schleck attacked on a do or die mission. Tommy held on and gave everything he could and still leads by a fragile 15 seconds. He is a hero and a gentleman. I'm proud to be a kinda half Francaise. More candles burning for you tonight Tommy! On vous aime.

Emma thinx: Is a guide dog an aware wolf?

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