Sunday 17 July 2011

Coming in short pants

Glancing back through the blogive I notice I rarely write about writing. You will know that stories about novelists bring me out in a rash. The trouble is that writers sit somewhere apart and write.....or think about writing.......or do a review of other writers......or think about something that someone else has written and decide they're so good that you may as well give up or so bad that maybe you should keep going. Eventually you write something, decide it's so good that you probably stole it or so bad that you have to scrap it.  Book writing is a long process. I do wonder about the ease with which you can just delete the dross. Would I have done the same in those paper and typewriter days? I suspect I thought more before I typed. These days I find myself starting a sentence to see where it goes because if I don't like the balance or tone I can scrap it......or maybe not!

All this brings me on to the subject of Indie books. Now, I know nothing of literature and for sure I'm not talented enough to create any. I do read many books in this area and I have two impressions. 1) There's a mob of astonishingly talented story tellers out there. 2) A lot of them just can't write. But here's the overview - few writers can write because they're madly trying to get their story onto the page. A few geniuses were sent by the gods to kick off the whole literature business. And on the seventh day the gods created the EDITOR. If I have reviewed your book you need not worry. If I've read your book and haven't reviewed it It's probably because you put the same word three times in one sentence, had your heroine's breath coming in short pants or had Mr Billionairebigboy cleaning his ears with a cotton bud. No single error kills a book but poor grammar and endless dialogue about whether he wants jam or honey on his toast in a 200 page book puffed up to 700 can seriously damage the health. Since few of us have the editor gene it's something that has to be developed. If you know how to clone them let me know because I could do with one.

Midday and the church bells are ringing. Some things like emergency vehicle sirens, bell ringing patterns and the colour of buses remind me how foreign I am. What does it for you?

Emma thinx: Are you sure you would know the back of your hand?

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