Friday 22 July 2011

No Show

Is there anything sadder than a show with no audience. Blimey - I should know. On this occasion I don't mean me. Last night I popped out to the Fin Bec restaurant on La Grenouillette. This was our first sortie and some of the reviews on-line had been a bit mixed. Well, there was an English family of four plus Gilles and I.  The young lady asked if we had booked and I glanced around at about 50 empty tables. Why do they do that? We chose from the 24 Euro menu and may I say that everything was a delight. A young lady named Jessica served with a professional friendliness that was about right. Dear Lord I would hate to be a restaurant or theatre critic. Those guys have to be hyper nasty just to make their waspish remarks amusing - or not. By the way if you ever pass by the resort of Royan do avoid the Tiki Restaurant. It is a beach side tourist trap. We ate there last year when we went to a concert on the sand entitled "Un violon sur le sable". The food was acceptable but the service was the rudest and most unprofessional that I have ever encountered anywhere in the world - and this is not hyperbole. AVOID!!!

I started talking about having no audience and as usual got completely distracted. On the way home we passed "Le Spectacle Equestre." Essentially this is a travelling circus show featuring horses. The evening was grey and coldish (by Charente Maitime standards - see photo). The show is outdoors and ranks of seats were arranged. How many spectateurs? Well - none. Bon courage mes amis - we have all been there.

Poor Tommy Voeckler - no longer in the yellow jersey. He will always be a hero to me and I hear no fat ladies singing as yet.

Emma thinx: Your best is good enough. Don't save the good in you for best.

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