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What's the link between Orlando Bloom, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Christopher Eccleston and Lenny Henry? Male actor Fantasy-Cast for Shannon's Law

When Jenny Marston asked me to produce my dream cast for the film of Shannon's Law I had to have a good think. In my answer I described this process as a fantasy. Now I've created the cast it all seems highly possible. Most of the actors are well known. There's a really talented character actor playing Vandervell O'Brien. Check out Ian Midlane on the BBC soap "Doctors". He's on my future Dr Who/Sherlock Holmes/Q (in James Bond) list. Check him out and join the campaign.

If Shannon’s Law was made into a film, who would be your dream cast?
What a great question – now I can really indulge my fantasies! Here’s my choice of current actors who would fit the bill:
Freema Agyeman to play Shannon Aguerri, the heroine. Mixed race sassy, beautiful, sexy, late twenties, London-born cop  (this actress played one of Doctor Who’s assistants). 
Orlando Bloom to play Spencer 11th Earl of Bloxington, the hero. 40 yr. old noble, widowed hunky British aristocrat and ex-SAS major. 
Daniel Huttlestone would make a great Ben, teenage son of Spencer. A motherless boy struggling for identity in the shadow of a wrongful conviction: (he played Gavroche in 2013 film Les Misérables). 
Keira Knightly would be excellent as Jasmine de Montfort the love rival for Spencer’s attentions. A British professional woman, late 30’s upper-class aristocratic barrister, independently wealthy, manipulative, ruthless ambitious. She might need to be made a little less beautiful though – with larger more prominent teeth… 
Pierce Brosnan would be my favourite for Fabbio Ceccarelli – an Italian aristocrat in his early seventies, distant cousin of Spencer, suave sophisticated and still charming.
Deborah François – is a gorgeous French actress who would be great in the role of Selena Fontesse. A glamorous surgically enhanced starlet, mid-twenties – very attractive, outgoing, outrageous and exciting (She played a key role in one of my favourite films: la Tourneuse de Pages).
 Colin Firth – too old to play the lead role, I had to get our local hero into it somehow (he comes from Eastleigh near to where I live!) He can play Mel, Shannon’s best friend, 43 year old attractive gay male detective.
Ian Midlane – is an actor from TV soap Doctors and would be ideal to be Vandervell O’Brien, a movie director and resident of Fleetworth-Green. Loves a nice meat pie or two. 
Lenny Henry – another favourite of mine over the years and ideal choice for jovial father of Shannon, Patrick Aguerri. A mechanic in his mid 50’s from Antigua to Peckham. 
Fiona Shaw – known to many as Pentunia Dursley from Harry Potter, she fits the bill for Mary Aguerri. Shannon’s mum, Irish, shift-working hospital cleaner.
Hugh Grant – again I had to get him in as Inspector Lilly: Shannon’s boss. A career cop aged around 50, conservative sycophantic, plays by the rules. 
Christopher Eccleston – Wiley Detective Chief Superintendent Tom Mitchell. He leads the crime investigation into the death of a girl discovered in a ditch in the Fleetworth-Green area. Mid fifties, sharp, dedicated cop. Not averse to taking risks. 
Dame Judy Dench – who else to play the part of Isobel Hornette: resident of Fleetworth- Green, genteel old lady, unfortunate victim of doorstep swindlers.
 David Jason – A nice cameo role in the form of Professor Max Strauss: Forensic scientist and pathologist.
 David Witts (of Eastenders fame) -  a nice cockney cheeky chappie to play PC Gary Woods: a womanising lovable rogue cop in his mid 20s. 
Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) – Wayne Swift: Fleetworth-Green village tearaway, self-esteem issues often manifesting in drunkenness and violence. Age late twenties. 
David Tennant – a cameo role to play Tim – Spencer’s friend and colleague, artist and designer working on Unesco projects and star of the Fleetworth Green cricket team.

All I've gotta do now is sell a few million books, raise the cash, bang out a screenplay and offer these guys the parts. Schimples!
My fantasy director is Denis Dercourt, the French genius who brought us the movie "The Page Turner."

Find out more about Shannon's Law here:


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