Monday 10 February 2014

Flesh And Blue Blood

A hunk, a trunk, a burning love
Today my pinterest reveal tour is hosted on the treasure trove site Reviews by Crystal. Take a look, there's all sorts on there. The subject is the male lead in Shannon's Law, Spencer Chamberlain-Knightsmith, 11th Earl of Bloxington. 

He's an aristofantastic hero - but a gentle one. The weight of tradition and duty anchor him seriously to his position in life. While writing about him I was reflecting upon the great inequalities of wealth and opportunity that divide our communities throughout the world. It is tempting to take a hard line position. The fact is that much of our visible history and tradition exist only because of our aristocrats. Spencer is no snob. Never once does he consider the social differences between himself and Shannon. Prince or pauper, men are good or bad in equal measure. Oooh - just as long as they're sexy!

Emma Thinx:  Friend is the noblest title.

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