Monday 17 February 2014

On the Horns of an Emma.

How now brown cow?
It's back to the pre launch Pinterest reveal tour today. I'm grateful to crooksonbooks for hosting my feature on the animals in Shannon's Law. When researching the story at an early stage I went to Bloxington Manor (in real life Avington Park) to get a feel for the place. As I relaxed looking at the view a snort behind me made me turn suddenly. There were the beasts. Being a city girl I've had little experience of prehistoric creatures. I'd read enough Thomas Hardy as a kid to have ruled out milk maid as a career. My first thought was woolly mammoth but Oscar pointed out the absence of a trunk. 

All assurances that they only eat grass were wasted. I was so moved by the incident that I wrote a bestial encounter into the story. Shannon is a big brave cop but even she was scared . Many of my characters are very like me.

Emma Thinx: You can't make love or war without the beast within

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