Wednesday 15 June 2011

Cream Tease

Well, this is England. Yesterday June was busting out all over my bust and today I'm simply busted. A crow and I stare mournfully at each other as I look out onto Rosina's soggy  lawn. He cocks a watchful bluish eye at me. He knows my mortality. He's sizing up my sinews - if not for him then for a future re-mix of his inescapable black feathered genes. I tell him we are Buddhists in the same cycle. He says that given the chance he will eat me. Well, that's what I meant actually.
So, it rains and drizzles that gorgeous self indulgent mournfulness that is the secret sunny side to sadness. C'mon, don't say you've never been there. For some scenes I have to try and get that feeling...a bit of Beethoven No 7 helps, but a sunny day just wipes it out. A sunny day is for kisses - God yes, kisses kisses kisses. I read so many Romances without sexy kisses. That is because too many of us live without sexy kissy LOVE. Plain hardcore is for crows and they are planning to eat you.

So, having done some more audio and helped to script a video trailer, we deserved a treat. We drove to the old picturesque town of Stockbridge. To be frank it's a bit crushed by traffic and people so posh that even their jodhpurs and Lyahndrovahs have accents. My accent is a bit Pekham/Pigalle n'est-ce pas? Innit. All the same the town is cut glass Anglais and Rosina decided to take tea at one of the genteel tea rooms. Apparently it used to be a filling station.

A sweet child begged if I would indulge her with my order. I ordered a pot of tea and some fruit cake.
"I will have to pose the question as to whether  we may serve the fruit cake - I believe it to be reserved for another client."
"I only want a small tranche." I replied in mid Channel posh - (aren't you impressed with my slickesse) voice.
The child returned. The fruit cake was not allowed. It was RESERVED.
I took tea and an almond slice. In gay abandoned nonchalance I sugared my tea from the bowl of posh white crystals on the table. Well, we all need salt in our diet don't we?

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