Tuesday 7 June 2011

Get it while it's hot.

So, the scientists at Cern have been able to keep anti matter alive for 16 minutes. Therefore:  me equals a square see, because all this stuff weirds me out. Look- the French boulangers have known how to keep anti matter alive for about 2 hours for hundreds of years.
Every time you buy a baguette there is an anti baguette inside. If you don’t eat it while it’s warm, the anti baguette annihilates the pro baguette and you are left with a tyre lever or in some cases serious rival for Viagra. If these guys would stop wasting their time on hydrogen and come up with some anti chocolate they are on real winner.
Friends popped for aperos last night. Kinda went on and ended up in a big pasta blasta with happy kids playing in the warm sweet dusky air and folks finding the meaning of life in a Burgundy and Bolognese. Hell- I know it’s tough but someone has to do it.
Cat – hanging in there.......

Emma Thinx: Is a plain fish fillet coated in anti-batter?

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