Monday 20 June 2011

Don't turn a Drachma into a crisis

How ironic that the movie "Mamma Mia" was set in Greece and featured that show stopper  "Money, money, money...." Whilst politicos wring their hands and bankers predict ruin, many Français will simply tell you that this is the natural pattern of capitalism.......and that there will always be life, cuisine (they don't do food), sex and Le Tour de France. My suspicion is that many paysans are completely indifferent to the fate of banks because their wealth is under the mattress or buried under the dung pile guarded by cockerels, chiens mechants and geese. They tend to be savers rather than spenders and have an instinctive suspicion of credit. It is criminal offence to bounce cheques. All the same, French banks are massively exposed to Euro zone sovereign debt. We live in interesting times and my feeling is that government bonds are poised to become the new sub-prime. Don't throw away any of those old holiday Drachmas. If Michael Schumacher can come back........... And do you know what ? There will always be life, cuisine, sex and Le Tour de France.

If ever you wanted to illustrate the deep cultural divide between the USA and the true cultural capital of the world you need look no further than my current reading material. Readers from yesterday will recall that I'm walking on the wild side of romance with a Harlequin Azur called "Pour une unique nuit d'amour". My South London working girl translation would be "For just one night of love". This book was originally released in America under the title "Pregnant with the billionaire's baby". Now, I don't want to spoil the story but there's this girl in possession of a womb. Then, there's this billionaire in possession of a view from his penthouse. They come together. If I say any more the suspense will destroy you.
Readers will recall my spotting of the cute adorable ragondin on the banks of the Charenton. Look what I found in the fridge behind the pineau. I told you he'd go native!

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