Thursday 23 May 2013

Love In A Hopeless Place - Cover Reveal

All things evolve and change do they not? Gravity slowly exacts its revenge for my vanity and it looks as if my application to go weightless as an astronaut is in the cosmic slush pile. My personal evolution as a writer now reaches an interim full stop. I started a mere 35 years ago with the magazines, writing shorts about lurrv. (Some success). I wrote proper literary novels (SEVEN! - No success whatsoever). Whatever slush pile I was in, the spring melt swept me away in an avalanche of  otherwise engaged agents, disappeared sub-editors and patronising posh publishers. In a moment of ironic renaissance I wrote "Knockout" as a kind of hybrid philosexophy novel. (Some success). 

All the while I was doing what I think I was born to do - tough shorts about emotion in working class life. This is what I know. I won big lit cred prizes and drove a bus! A few days ago I reached the end of that road with the completion of "Love In A Hopeless Place". This title will also serve as the overall name for a collection of five stories, all set in the same context. 

This story is a 10,000 word first person account of a working class woman's experience of self discovery. You can imagine if you read my blogs - there is sex in the mix and even joyously spilled over the edge of the bowl with a few fruity sultanas for texture. These are the opening words:

 "You can't blame the music for what happened. You can't blame the budget brand vodka or the Walmart brand cola. You can't blame anyone but me and the great gaping hole I used to know as ME."

It is the most difficult thing I've ever tried to write. It is a totally true story - and they are the hardest.

Now, if any or all of you guys want an advanced review copy of this story please let me know. It's not quite the usual menu so I'll be pleased to get comments. 

This story will be out on Kindle during the first week of June.  In the mean time there is a lovely new Facebook page to visit... 

Emma Thinx: Love is blind. Lust just has no sense.  


  1. HUGE congratulations, Emma, you are amazing ~ and an inspiration. Fabulous cover!

  2. I am happy for you. This sounds like the very place you can be all your truly are: the milieu that calls to your heart, the understanding you have about life in general, and the love you so beautifully express. It's a new Sub-Prime experience coming up! Hot damn! I'll buy one and review it. All the best my dear.

  3. Oooh, I think that's one Emma Thinx that should be framed! Fabulous cover Emma - sounds like a 'hot' story - might have to turn on the fan... will be Tweeting for you!

  4. Looking forward to reading this. Congrats, Emma.

  5. Lurrv that cover, Emma! Sounds like a must-read! Congrats, sweetie!:) xx


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