Tuesday 14 May 2013

A Pair Of Partridges And An Apple Tree

Got them grey skies pink apple blossom blues
A bitter cold wind sweeps across my English country garden. The delicate apple blossoms fall, smashed by the horizontal arrows of stinging rain. It's just not bloody fair is it?

The shivering birds huddle, the fledgling crows are thrown from their nests, the Conservative Party, obviously starving, has gone cannibal and  eats itself alive over whether or not Britain is part of Europe.(Google satellite maps can help).  Oh yes - it's summer in England.

Duh!          (youreuropemap.com)    
I should be cheerful because I've just finished sound editing the final edition of the audio book edition of "The Gentleman And The Rogue" by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon. I tell you - it's a sexy romp in which a gentleman and his young handsome valet set out to rescue a maiden from an amazingly sinister and evil villain. Oooh - there's tight riding breeches and enough upright gentlemanly romance to tickle any follicles. There's horses hooves on gravelled roads, the pre-Dickensian London above stairs - below stairs ambiance, a guilt ridden toff, a cocky tart, a cast of colourful characters, the Napoleonic wars and a sensitive love story. Honest - this is a good good English Regency historical tale. The Gallo-Romano narrator, Jasper de Montfort (a likely name) swings both and every other way to cover all the angles. I loved it!! I'll let you know when the audio book is out there.

Run Juanita - These guys are rowing their island out of Europe.
Anyway, in the vile greyness of yet another failed spring/summer, I spotted a couple of disconsolate European illegal immigrant creatures doing what the Conservative Party cannot do -maintaining unity. I love red legged partridges (ssh- they  are introduced Spanish illegals).  They are  never apart and so so sweet!

Emma Thinx: Big men in history came together.


  1. Emma, I love this, you're so funny, I had a real good laugh! And let's not tell the Conservative Party, but it's driving the UK out of Europe and that might solve Europe's problems - continentals tend to view Brits as brakes - but it certainly won't solve the UK's, after all Europe is its main market for exports...

    Strange how people love to cut their own nose off their face, isn't it?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Claude. This little Englander stuff is frustrating but I think that if the frau is not for turning, the Brits may paint themselves in wode (or woad) and hide in their Thatchered cottages. The Englishers prefer their dictators home grown. To be honest I wanted to vote tactically for UKIP because I knew their success would send the Tories into a spiral of life preserving blood letting . The problem is there is no proper alternative party which does not support jungle capitalism at any cost. Therefore there is no one to fill the vacuum. UKIP represents a return to popularism which has the effect of unnerving the complacent political class. The shame is that UKIP faithfull are essentially narrow extremeists. All the same, extremes promote reaction and we might need this to see a re-birth of a genuine left, indeed to re-define left in terms of a defined confident right. We live in interesting times.


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