Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Freeze Frame cover Reveal

I've been working. My dear mate Oscar has been editing and compiling a collection of poetry. I've actually done some work on the audio - but only because I'm so bloody nosy about how people sound. Recently I went back into poetry myself to do a couple of YouTube videos. You know, poetry is still a really cool medium. I would be the first to admit that the commercial bish bosh bash has weakened my ability to go into full poet mode.

Listening to these guys I kinda zoned out of all the clatter. There's Paul Tobin, a real deal poet who gets inside the fence and under the radar. He's  - just so calm and persuasive. Jo Von Bargen - an American poet with a life soaked softness that is - well - beautiful. There's a guy called Jeff Hansen who comes up with abstract stuff in a direct voice that offers ideas without any messing about. There's Claude Nougat who speaks quite hauntingly about Rome in a captivating Scandiamerifrancitaliano  accent that must be unique to her and the world. There's Oscar in his full Thespian/cockney truck driver/British posh. Finally, there's Candy Bright who digs it out from the woman's heart and certainly gets hold of mine. 

Today the cover of the collection Freeze Frame is revealed and I am proud of my very small part in this project. The cover was created by a young designer, Will,  who freelances for Gallo-Romano.  They tell me the e-book will be up on 21st December and the paper edition in January. It has its own Facebook page and if you feel so inclined you could follow the link and like it. 

Emma thinx:  Go undercover - hibernate with a book. 


  1. Lovely, Emma! Well done. Many thanks for the wonderfully kind words!

  2. Thanks, Emma, with your support and enthusiasm, this anthology will... fly!

    1. Just wanted to add: I burst out laughing when you described my accent as "Scandiamerifrancitaliano", quite a mouthful, what a word, I love it!
      Actually I tried to convince Oscar not to make me read my own poetry, I feel so uncomfortable about my accent, but you know him, he insisted! So I gave in, for better or for worse...


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