Thursday 20 December 2012

Freeze Frame - Published.

I've been invited to a virtual party. You know, I really should stay in more! Once again I have been helping out in the final thrust of Oscar's Freeze Frame poetry project. To be honest it is a labour of love - just to see something unique out there. I had forgotten about being a poet - you know that kind of earnest endeavour for that one inspired word. I can't believe I used to do that stuff. I can still do LOVE but the old wino, the innocent kid,the walk in the country, the big philosophies of time,the intellectual abstracts, the rainy nights in a northern English town, an old couple crossing the road -all that is far from my grasp now. The signals are tiny and the receptors are dull. Far from being disheartened, I am very happy to do full fat big breakfast lust. There is a great happiness in it. 

At last the Freeze Frame collection is out there. It is a wonderful anthology and I'm proud to have been around it. For this last time I am posting Oscar's blog on here. What do you think of his beard? He's not getting a mistletoe snog from me with all that lot on there!

Freeze Frame Anthology – Published

Santa maybe
Santa may-be
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am a reasonably serious old bloke who has scribbled poems for about 50 years. Finding myself posing in a Santa hat holding a Kindle Fire device for a picture to be captioned with punny quips made me wonder if I had lost the plot. If I appear disrespectful to poets and poetry I do apologise. O brave new world that has such peep-shows in it. Such is the circus of the modern book world. Apparently some fiction writers are so busy on the road that all their stuff is done by ghost writers. Seemingly it’s the brand that matters. It is incredible to me. Perhaps I won’t beat myself up over the Santa hat. If it makes poetry more accessible and unstuffy then it has to be a Google plus. I defy anyone to ghost write in the style of any of the six Freeze Frame writers.
Far more importantly, the book is out there and up on Amazon. It was delivered without anaesthetic during the night, about 24 hours premature but at a good weight and with powerful voice. This is not the end of course but at least everything is all together and in one place. The stars are the poets who had enough faith in me to join in and risk all to be part of the Freeze Frame project.
Tomorrow evening 1800 hours UK (GMT)  - 12 noon USA EST – there will be a launch party at which all can meet the poets. There will be readings and comments and hopefully a few silly hats.  This takes place on Facebook with a live link to a Google+ ‘Hangout’ – you can watch us all having our virtual champagne and reading a selection of poems from the collection.  Here’s the link:
Ho Ho Ho!
Emma Thinx: Poems live on pages. Poetry lives in hearts.

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  1. I will be Christmas partying with the neighbours at the allotted time but want you to know that I will be with you in 'essence'! Sharing one's poetry with the world is brave, daring even. Like opening your heart and showing the most sensitive, inner you! Personally I think Oscar looks fab with the beard - distinguished, scholarly and forgive yourself thate Santa hat! If you can't laugh, then you can't live ... well, that's my personal take on life! You bring some fun to poetry and you are raising the profile - poets are a rare breed. They have obscure minds ... but that's the whole point. I've read, laughed and liked - I will be posting a review very shortly! Fab-u-lous!


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