Thursday 27 December 2012

Fire Up Your Follicles

Scales fell from my eyes
Ooh - I've just been throwing out the junk after all the food-fest. First thing that's going in the trash is the bathroom scales. That's the first problem solved. Second problem is that the programme on my righteous virtue training machine has gone wrong. All this bloody software! Computers are like men - you choose them cos you like the look of the  hardware and as soon as you get'em home and try to plug 'em in they develop a software problem. 

Never mind, life is beautiful quand même. I'm missing my home in France to be honest. I've been thinking of the river Charente and writing a love poem. Mainly I'm writing a story. I'm terrible really, constantly distracted by love, desire and chocolate. Well, let's just say chocolate shall we. It's all research you know. 

I had always said that I was never gonna give it away again. For a few months I have been trembling on a cold street corner of literary virginity. Punters have stopped, sighed, squeezed and occasionally had a nibble. But Hell, it's Christmas and a wise woman gives out the goods. "Knockout!" is only sex, love, intrigue and police action drama but it's FREE. There's a new hot book soon out so take this chance to fire up your follicles in preparation. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Next year will bring its own problems of course, but we're learning all the time aren't we?  Just think -in 2013 mankind will know more than she has ever known - except what to do with all that knowledge. 

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Emma thinx: Giving it for free is business. Giving it for nothing is love. 


  1. How delightful, Emma!! I'm always jazzed to read your posts. Now I'm wondering if my follicles are even capable of firing up again! Ah, well, never say never!! Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

  2. Looking forward to reading your book. I saw it listed on the Pixel of Ink daily newsletter yesterday and grabbed it.

    I don't need any machine to tell me when my weight starts creeping up. Apparently I start to snore when my weight hits a certain spot and my wife is not shy about letting me know when it happens.


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