Monday 26 November 2012

Une Passion Parisienne

There is  often a conflict in my mind between the artistic and the commercial. Recently I have been working on some poetry and videos to publicise my next book and my last one. Poetry was my first teenage expression of myself as a writer. I remember how I used to look at drab terraced urban houses and watch the red of passion bleeding out into the grey pool of everyday. The folk who queued with me for tube trains and buses had known first kisses, and shared with me the aching expectation of wholeness that LOVE, and only love, would bring. 

Like many women, I have known the desert and the jungle of love.  Somewhere deep down in me has always been the defeatist clerk, telling me to forget the Romance and warm my lips on the cold bottom line. I think this voice is in a lot of us. It is the reason I write  Romance. When I wrote "Knockout" I took my readers to Paris to some moments I had lived myself. A week or so ago, I completed a video in which the text is taken from the book. It's not a sell. It's a truth of my life just a little overdressed.

Emma thinx: Love is letting go, but get a grip on him first. 


  1. Ahh have you ever set the mood of lovers when love is all their eyes can see. Lovely, Emma.

  2. You are breaking new ground and there's something so ... haunting in your videoetry Emma! Poetry might not sell in large amounts, but it's so meaningful and uplifting. I take my hat off to you! Superb job!

  3. Love it, Emma, Paris, l'amour, c'est merveilleux! Perfect choice of pictures and words. I didn't realize that Gallo Romano publishers was also into video production (or did I get that wrong?) It's even more romantic than Knockout...maybe you should give us a Knockout no.2 and make it really sentimental! Just kidding.

    But can't wait to read your next book!


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