Sunday 6 November 2011

Mein Hair



In the world of high finance around which my life revolves, I am constantly hearing the term "Haircut". Seemingly this means to write off a portion of a debt owed to you. Unfortunate banks are likely to have to accept major haircuts on loans made to Greece. Luckily, the banks will be "re-capitalised" by governments if it looks like they will fail as a result. So boys and girls - who do you think will end up with the bald eagle hair-do in the end? Um - that's a tough one. All these affairs of state got me thinking about the hair styles of European leaders and I do believe I have spotted a pattern. Exhaustive research has shown that a tidy haircut leads to financial ruin. Just compare the coiffure quotient bias (known as the cqb amongst insiders) between Angela Merkel of Germany (Solvent) and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy (Indebted and struggling). When you see evidence this profound you will realise that the market rule is "If you don't want to take a haircut, avoid leaders who obviously know a few hairdressers". The most startling proof comes when you look at George Papandreou of Greece. Now that's what I call a haircut. The poor guy has given his all. Dear old Great Britain who kinda stumbles around trying to find the key to the last of the kids money boxes remains afloat while the markets accept the bluff. A quick glance at the Cameron Coiff should steady the exchanges for now while we look for that damn key. By the way girls - can you see how the term "haircut" is dripping with macho don't give a billion kind of swagger. I'm gonna tell my own creditors that they have won a free re-style.

I'm getting a bit peeved with product pricing. A pack of prawns last week at ASDA was the same price that it had been in March. Hoorah and jolly hockey sticks! The only difference was that the weight had reduced by 100 grammes. This is an enormous increase. I had earlier noted that chicken breast fillets had been similarly reduced in pack weight. So, what is going on? Do they think we don't notice. Having been out of the UK for a while the jump is obvious. I guess if you just plop the same stuff in your trolley week in week out you may not spot the difference. So come on guys -d'ya fink we're like stoopid or summink?

Emma thinx: Tosstesterone - the ultimate field event steroid.

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