Tuesday 8 November 2011


I do wonder about the role of the press. The whole Greek problem with referenda on and off, coalitions coalescing and journalists journalising worked its way up to a frenzy in much the same way as I attack a jar of anchovy stuffed Greek olives. Of course, at last they are all gone and you are in with a frenzy without a cause. Suddenly a cry goes up. Greece is done as a subject. Editors scream for more copy and the circus moves on to Italy. Grave faced reporters report on the seriousness of the problem. A first wave of retired ex-experts are dredged up to talk to camera whilst the crisis is fanned up to a level where real experts can be hired in. The credit rating guys look at the thrashing whirlpool of exciting gloom and put up the interest on everyone who cannot pay, while reducing them for those who can! More experts and retired statesmen are called in and they predict further gloom.....Do I need to go on?

Of course there is nothing new about this. When I was a kid at school I was not that girlie and was entertained by the boys who played fantastic playground games. One game was called "Pile On" and could occur spontaneously at any time. Some kid would be knocked down, perhaps in a fight. A cry would go up "Pile on, pile on!!!" Kids would run to the scene and fling themselves on top in a heap. Teachers would charge to the scrummage and start pulling at the boys who clung to each other in order to resist. The girls would stand about watching, advertising their angelic goodness whilst enjoying the spectacle. One day I'm gonna switch on the TV and see a reporter yelling "Pile on!" I have asked some modern kids about this game and apparently it still exists under the name "Bundle".

President Sarko is in trouble on account of a frank private conversation with President Obama. This matter has come to my ears as I was writing the above paragraph. Seemingly the Press decided to blab the story and the old "Pile On" game goes on. The same scribblers who denounce in purple prose hypocrisy those caught in the Murdoch phone hacking scandal, quite joyfully report an overheard private exchange. Mind you it was good to see Sarko and Obama in agreement. Guess French Fries might be back on the menu soon. Not so sure about the bagels though.

Are you guys watching what has happened in Greece and Italy since I revealed the CQB index on Sunday? 

I just want to say that there are roses. It does not matter where they are or what they are doing. The Roseness of the rose is there as part of the fabric of existence. The photo is of some supermarket roses that have flooded my heart with roseness every time I have seen them in my hallway this last week. 
Emma thinx: Take off the mike before you take the mickey.

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