Wednesday 31 August 2011

Romano and Guilietta

My faithful old car is back. For the past week I have had a hire car - an Alfa Romeo. Dear oh dear - it was nippy, jerky and apparently fashionable. It seemed to have several extra gears and I'm not too good at counting. I've seen them advertised on the television with sexy actresses in glamorous poses. My dear old wallow hog kinda waltzes me along. Of course my UK plate immediately attracts the tailgaters and the drama swerve overtakers - but I'm sitting on the gutter side and if it gets rough I can just step out. It's really odd, but I prefer my right hand drive because all my genes are modified with Bisto gravy and also from a passenger's point of view I am told that my left profile is more attractive. Gilles thinks we ought to go native - but honestly - would you allow a steering wheel to hide the best side of your "look". Of course not! 

I really feel that I should comment on the poor lady in the hire car office in Saintes. When I went last week she had broken her glasses and just had the lenses. She had to type one handed whilst holding them like a lorgnette. She looked like a crime scene detective looking for fingerprints. This week she had taped up the glasses and was literally jumping and hopping on one leg - the other being strapped up. I enquired as to the cause and she stated plainly that a car had rolled over her leg.(Well, what a stupid question anyway). I was going to give her a clover good luck charm but she had to talk  on the phone while she was dealing with me and she only had time to point and make abrupt commands. She needs some kinda charm - it's a desperate case.
Ever since I have lived here I have wanted to see the Roman "Thermes" at Saintes. Well, I found them and they are impressive. As always very little is made of them - they are kinda presented with a shrug. There was a bin for dog mess but no information or guidance. In England there would have been National Trust storm troopers in tweed and brogues or old codgers in togas doing a reconstruction of Julius Caesar  bathing his bits. If you come to this region - and please give yourself a treat and do come- take in the Roman heritage of Saintes. It's an education. All this was done without smart phones, video games or MBA degrees. Or maybe they had that stuff and they took it back to the mother ship. Beam me up Scottius.

Emma thinx: Need a good luck charm? Be charming. Feel the luck!

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