Sunday 14 August 2011

Marie Andouillette

There are many types of folks. Stern warnings about stereotyping from chairpersons of the non judgemental, well paid, busy-body community seriously disturbed my ability to tell the difference between a looter and an impulse buyer. Accordingly I have had to look for areas away from the front line of correctness to spot tell tale signs of discriminating differences between groups and individuals. The most obvious has always been the like or dislike of olives. Now - I make no judgement - but aren't the olive lovers passionate, witty, sexy, talented and probably related to various Greek gods? Aren't lovers of anchovy stuffed olives actually Greek gods in themselves?  Luckily my tribal pheromones repel non olive eaters so I am unable to judge them. A similar thing applies to sausages. Most folk can eat a sausage. Only those born poor or divine choose sausage over all other food. "Would you like the fillet steak Madame? - It is the finest cut in le monde and will be paid for by your publishers."
"Non - I will have the saucisse de Toulouse with some ketchup."  This has never happened but I am planning. In France we have SAUSAGE. The choice of sausage is so great that I am afraid of geting caught in a hypermarché vortex of infinite choice and be trapped in a condom shaped time cocoon for ever while I choose my sausage. While I await recognition by the Romance reading masses, my choice is often a reflection of price. There are dried sausages, garlic sausages, chicken sausages, horse sausages and I'm sure that somewhere there are sausages made entirely of old minced up sausages. Enough of this trivia - my choice for today is that of Andouillette. Strangely for a poet this word rhymes with the French word "Toilette". Now you can see why I am a poet. The Andouillette sausage is made from the bottom end of the pig's bowel. As I said - only those born poor or divine.......Let them eat Sausage!

I've been married. I've been a mistress. I've been a tandem cyclist. But - at last the French Government have given me an official status. I am a concubine. WOW - my legitimacy and heritage go back to ancient Greece and Rome- (and probably modern Rome if anything they say about Berlusconi is true). I am a concubina. This status is enshrined in the register of tax payers and residents. My relationship with Gilles is described as a concubinage. I always knew that some day I'd be a something.

Peach Jam. Today it rains and I have taken to La cuisine. I know - I know I should be writing a romantic novel, but there is something about the sweet more-ish-ness of jam that is so sexy. Gently she let  the jam spill  from her engorged lips between the ruthless hard muscles of his pecs. It mixed with the salt and musk of his recently spent passion.
"Oh, Emma," he gasped as he still shuddered with lust...."Why...oh why the jam..."
"Because - my hero - my rock hard man, jam just won't set without pecs in...."
See - women can multi-task!

Emma thinx: concubine - sexy but prickly.

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