Tuesday 9 August 2011

Nailing it!

To all problems there are several answers. Sometimes we have been shown the way to do things. Sometimes you already know instinctively or most often you put forward some idea based on your own life - whether or not it has worked out for you. Several callers today have raised the issue of the riots in England. Responses range between - "Oh yes - we have the same problems here - they put all the no hopers together and - bof - they smash the place up.. it is normal quoi?" An old die hard hippy assured me of the answer - "I say - put your sack on your back and go off to find the road....this works every time." Watch out for petrol bomb throwing peace and love hippies coming your way guys. The fact is that no one knows what to do. The French suffer similar nonsense with about the same frequency. Very few problems cannot be solved with a shrug and a long lunch.

A tearful neighbour appeared this afternoon. For a while she chatted about kids and holidays. Suddenly she said "Fremus......is dead." To my shame I had no idea who this person was. I looked at her with incomprehension.  "The dog - he had an operation on his foot - he died." Given the utter merciless savagery of the human species, it is always a surprise to me how badly we take the death anything close to us. The French are probably about 15% more sentimental about animals that Brits. They also stuff geese with corn by force feeding to create foie gras, eat horses and boil live crabs.

Everything I know about life is this - We favour what we know more than things we don't know. We love whatever loves us but not necessarily in fair proportion. If you can't love - don't hate. If you still hate - know. If you can't know - learn. 

Plants arrive. Gilles has been in full "main verte" mode. He went to Intermarché to get something for dinner and came back with half the Amazon Rain Forest. You can't take the soil out of these folk. A full set of horny handed digits trumps any boast, accolade or triumph. Who cares about your Ferrari? Look at my fingernails!

Emma thinx:  Consistency - the thickness of our contradictions.

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