Friday 7 November 2014

#AlexFromTarget Goes Canine

You can call me Alex
OK - this is true. A teenage girl in Texas sees a hot guy in a Target store. She gets a picture of him and sends it to her friend. Somehow it goes viral in a way that makes Ebola seem like evolution in slow motion. The world goes into a frenzy of joy, lust and greed. Alex from Target is the hottest commercial property on the planet. They're making a video game and branding cosmetics in his image and name. Ghost writers are queuing to write his life story. Offers of film stardom.....blah blah blah. Even French TV knocks President Hollande off the top of the News to cover the story. 
. Viral Alex It's a dog's life at the checkout

OK - this is true. A romantic novelist in France sees the cutest ever dog at a restaurant. She takes a snap and puts it on her blog. She waits. Let's see the true power of the internet. Believe me - this pooch had real tight balls and wasn't afraid to walk around with them sticking out. You don't get that in Target.

Emma Thinx: Pursuit of the trivial is a game called business. 

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