Monday 11 February 2013

My Valentine Love Poem

A a writer of Romance, Valentine's day is kinda like Christmas eve in Walmart and Santa's place at the North Pole. I am a real sucker for Saint Valentine's day. Well, yes I know all the teddy bears, hearts, flowers and chocolates are a commerce-fest crossed with an orgy of kitsch. 

Yet, among it all the festival has that wonderful power to give permission for anyone to go completely over the top in the knowledge just cannot go over the top. No rose is too red, no teddy bear is too big, no card has too much sentiment. 

It was in this frame of mind that I have written my Valentine's love poem. I write of love because I have had much of it and of course, it not all hearts and flowers. But when it is - then it is the most wonderful and dizzying thing in this universe. I have said in a previous Emma Thinx - anyone who can talk sensibly of love is not in it. On Valentine's day, the gloves are off and the wits are out. Why be sensible or bother with taste when you can let go and love?

Emma Thinx: If you can't exaggerate your fantasy - it's love.


  1. Utterly beautiful and soooo moving, Emma!! I recognized Isabelle's hand in the music the moment I heard it, even before I saw the credits. What a wonderful piece!! *sigh*

  2. Thanks so much Jo - that is such a worthwhile comment from someone at your level of poetry. Valentine's is a bit OTT but sometimes it's just nice to go for the throat (via the heart!). I appreciate you taking the time to view the video and post a comment.

  3. The music sets this off perfectly - beautiful words, beautifully put together!

  4. "Anyone who can talk sensibly about love is not in it" is one of the great lines I have read. You can write a whole novel on that one basic revelation.


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