Friday 8 February 2013

Don't Look A Gift Lasagna In The Mouth

100% meat.Where can I get some?
Right, this has nothing to do with anything OK. I'm sick and tired of news news news about utter rubbish. The latest scandal here in the UK is that Findus frozen lasagna contains 100% horse meat. Experts are on the box wringing their blue plastic gloved hands in their Ministry Of Spin hygienic hairnets. Ooooh - it's all so terrible. 

Well comrades, I givest not a stuff. The fact that any burgers or lasagnas contain 100% meat is wonderful and astonishing. The very fact that there is any meat content is staggering.

And you know who is to blame don't you? Yes - it's the bloody French. The vile Gauls have impregnated our pure Anglo Saxon palates with viande de cheval. And bloody lovely it is too! And it is 100% pure meat contamination! Why can't I get my normal saw-dust, ground bone and bowel offal burgers?  That's what I demand to know.

Very probably some crooks have fed some horse meat into the system and that is all very tut tut. Many folk in the world would fight to the death for some 100% horse mince. Let's get real eh?

Not the normal Romantic writer stuff - but remember I've worked in meat processing and slaughtering. 

Emma thinx:  There's nothing as pure as an empty belly.

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