Monday 4 February 2013

Escape To Love Goes Live

Escape on a CD
Well, there it goes - out into the cyber-dome to suffer the slings and arrows of Amazoneous fortune or to take arms against a sea of bubbles. Once they're gone - there is only one thing to do. Yes - write another one, or rather crack on with the one on the slipway.

Here is the Worldwide Amazon link to ESCAPE TO LOVE.  The Kindle Edition includes a FREE 80 minute audiobook download.

As promised I have attached the sound file for Chapter One of the audio book. The voice of course, is mine. 

Escape with an iPod - let me read it for you!

I am out on the first stop of my mini book launch blog tour at 
Anneli's Place in CANADA today.  Drop over and leave a message about where you would chose for your great escape get your chance to win a copy of Escape To Love!

Emma Thinx: Words - what would they say if they could speak for themselves?


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  2. Congratulations, Emma, what an achievement. Hope you're celebrating! XX


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