Tuesday 11 February 2014

Why don't you call me some time?

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The Pinterest reveal goes on and on. There's been a glitch with my host blogger but I've got a little slice of English village life that I wanted to share in any case. OK - what do you see in every postcard from the UK along with the black taxi cab and the double decker bus? You got it. It's the red telephone box. 
In Shannon's Law the parish council of Fleetworth-Green agree to install a second red box but without a phone. Everyone has a mobile device. The phone box forms the perfect privacy and shelter where you can pull out your electronics without fear of rain damage. It's a classic British compromise.

Love on the phone. It's easy as A B - See.
If you want to know the full history of the phone box - it is here. To this day, they remain an iconic element of tradition and continuance. My own memories are of standing outside while other lovers poured their boring sweet nothings into the heavy handset. By the time I got in my own passion had cooled but I still loved the old fashioned rotary dial. 

Before I go I do want to share with you a video trailer for a book by the Harper Impulse author Mandy Baggot. Her story, "Made In Nashvillelaunched recently. It's a page turner and I'm turning them. The book is about a singer and you can tell the authenticity in the way Mandy writes. She just loves the music.She's a trouper. She doesn't hold back. She gives you full music power straight out of her generous talented heart. That's a star. She'll be a guest on my blog in the next week.

Emma Thinx: Big up the tip. Mortality will snatch your change. 

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