Sunday 9 February 2014

Meet Ben - wayward teenager and pivotal character in Shannon's Law featured on @SherylBrowne 's blog #character #study

Boy of the hood
Today's Pinterest reveal  features that most enigmatic of human phenomena - the teenager. We've all been one but somehow once you leave its discarded skin behind, you can never quite remember how it was. Your own adoescent skin will be an unfashionable object of derision hidden under an outdated alternative vocabulary. Interrogating current teens often creates more heat than light. Benjamin Chamberlain-Knightsmith is destined to be the 12th Earl of Bloxington. With his mother dead and a great injustice on his shoulders he has good reasons to pull up his hood. In Shannon's Law one of the quests is to resolve his issues. It's a bumpy road.

The full feature on our hoodie hunk appears on the lovely blog of  Sheryl Browne.  As a young sprog of a novelist doing poetry cold turkey I met Sheryl when she led a workshop on how to romcom. Check her out her books and see just how much I don't know.

I was lucky to have a cooperative model to be Ben. He also wrote the music for my video poem "You are my love" and designed the book cover for the poetry anthology "Freeze Frame". Such talent - it makes you weep. 

Emma Thinx: Youth - from where the  desire to escape equals the desire to return. 

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