Tuesday 25 February 2014

A Vespa Ride Through Paris At Midnight

Hey tough guy - d'ya think I'm kinda curvy?
A pivotal pinning today on my Pinterest reveal tour. The sound of a motorcycle mixed with church bells opens the book. If Shannon hadn't heard the sound of a Vespa engine, there would have been no Shannon's Law. I'm grateful to writerwonderland for hosting my feature. 

The machine in the picture and I came into this world at about the same time - 1962.  The Italian design motorcycle has gone on to be an icon of style and social identity. I'm not sure exactly what I have become but at least no one sits on me and kick starts my motor.  Looking at images of these bikes, you can see the attraction. They are a clean and androgynous.  A big thumping motorbike is oily and probably runs on testosterone. Perhaps I'm being a bit sexist. I'm sure that many a leather studded rocker is fully in touch with his feminine side. 

I have never ridden a scooter but the movie Quadrophenia fascinated me. A central element of Shannon's Law is how we relate to young people. (Don't tell anyone but it is a novel of sociological commentary). The era of the Mod and the scooter represent a different social universe. If you're interested in modern history here is a link to a short documentary on those times. I do wish I'd been a participant in the 60's. Or the twenties. Or some of the thirties. Or maybe ....If you really want to see a work of genius about nostalgia by Woody Allen, check out the movie Midnight in Paris. I adore this it. 

Emma thinx: There's already a silicone chip museum. 

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