Saturday 1 February 2014

Passion in the Parsnips and Love in the Lettuce - SHANNON'S LAW #romance #novel..... and allotments?

Day one of the "Shannon's Law Pinterest Reveal Virtual Book Tour" kicks off by getting down and dirty.... in the allotments.  

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The tour runs throughout February until the launch on 28th. At each stop new background info about the characters, locations, food, music etc. from Shannon's Law will be revealed.... st Jan Feb
http://writersandauthors.blogspot.com3rd Feb
http://readingintwilight.blogspot.com3rd Feb
http://www.urbangirlreader.com5th Feb
http://bookstolightyourfire.blogspot.com6 Feb
Celtic Connexions7 Feb
http://everafterromancebookblog.blogspot.com7 Feb Feb 9 Feb
9 Feb Feb
http://nightskydarkstar.blogspot.com10 Feb Feb
http://julielynnhayes.blogspot.com11 Feb Feb
http://www.longandshortreviews.com13 Feb Feb Feb
http://lisahaseltonsreviewsandinterviews.blogspot.com18 Feb Feb
ttp://sharinglinksandwisdom.blogspot.com19 Feb Feb Feb
http://www.cluereview.blogspot.com21 Feb Feb Feb Feb
http://www.harliesbooks.com27 Feb Feb

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