Tuesday 27 January 2015

Children's #book #reviews by blogger @ChelleyToy & her son "I loved how they all started Once Upon A Time and ended They All Lived Happily Ever After…..Ahhhhh :-)"

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Today my 'ONCE UPON A NOW' tour visits the  'Tales of Yesterday' book blog - run by Michelle Toy and ably aided in this case by her son Corey.

I was amazed to click the link to Michelle's blog and see the whole of the page decked out in 'Once Upon a NOW' bright egg-yolk yellow and the logos for my series plastered all over the screen. There was even a banner blending the blog's logo with my book livery. I am totally bowled over.  Thank you so much Michelle!

I was further delighted to find that Michelle and her son had read not one, but all three of the books from the series - and enjoyed them too. Phew.

Find out which book was Corey's favourite - read their reviews on Tales of Yesterday .

One of the books in the series is still going FREE on Amazon for another day: http://www.smarturl.it/Kruncha  - ends 28th Jan.

The next stop on the tour is http://chapterfive.wix.com/chapter5  on Wednesday 29th January.  Can't wait!

Introducing the next generation of #bookbloggers on @BestChickLit #KidLitChat for my Children's Fiction Blog Tour.

Today I am pleased to share with you the content from BestChickLit.com .  They recently featured my 'Once Upon a NOW' series of children's books and introduced the world to super-reviewers Ellie and Eden (aged 11 and 9).

Both girls read the books and between them created 5 wonderful reviews for 'Alf The Workshop Dog', 'Isabella's Pink Bicycle' and 'Kool Kid Kruncha and The High Trapeze'.

Coming up with one review is hard enough against a deadline, but these sisters have really got the reading bug.  They are destined, I am certain, to become great literary star-reviewers of the future. The pair managed to read all three stories and came up with synopses of the plots as well as explaining the things they particularly enjoyed in each book.

A big thank you from me to them for all their effort and fantastic result!
(particularly as they liked the stories ;-) ).

Visit the blog and see all their thoughts and reviews on BestChickLit.com.

Kindle version of 'Kool Kid Kruncha and the High Trapeze' is FREE on Amazon Worldwide today & tomorrow (27/28 Jan 2015) http://www.smarturl.it/Kruncha.

Next stop on the tour is Tales of Yesterday readable from the 28th January. 

Monday 26 January 2015

Touring with the #Kid's books - includes #giveaway & #Free dates on #Kindle pic.twitter.com/UV4tRZddAP

Today is the first day of my tour of literary blogs for Children's Fiction.  Arranged via the wonderful efficient staff at CandleLit Author Services, it will feature my 'ONCE UPON A NOW SERIES' of modern fairy stories for kids.

The tour includes guest posts by me about the inspiration behind each book and reviews by readers old and young.  There is also a giveaway where you can win a complete set of the series in audio book, paperback or digital Kindle formats.

Stop One - 26th January 2015
BestChickLit - Review 

Stop Two - 27th January 2015
Tales of Yesterday - Review  

Stop Three - 29th January 2015
Chapter 5 - Review

Stop Four - 31st January 2015
Grab This Book - Review 

Stop Five - 1st February 2015 
It's Not All Gravy - Review 

Stop Six - 4th February 2015 
It's Not All Gravy - Guest Post  

Stop Seven - 5th February 2015 
AJ's Book Club - Review  

Stop Eight - 7th February 2015
Lynsey Farmer - Review 

Stop Nine - 9th February 2015
Guest Post 

​Stop Ten - 10th February 2015 
On My Bookshelf - Review 

Wednesday 21 January 2015

La Soupe Des Dieux

It's Calin day. Feel the love and just bloody well do it!
Just to let you all know that today 21st Janvier in France it is international hug and cuddle day and my name "Calin" translates into English as hug or cuddle. In Paris the talk is of machine gunners, extra police and more laws to keep us all safe. Chiefs of police explain waves of arrests and findings of weapons of death and hate. For sure the world and the French psyche are soaked in futile blood and the fear of more.

Since all l'horreur and  la violence I have kept my mouth shut. Pronouncements by light weight hackette story writers would seem gratuitous and trivial. But - WOW - how unstoppable is the power of gorgeous sex, romance and decadent trivial fun. Where is the jazz and the champagne fizz of French kissing in my beloved Paris?

Look guys - just give it all up. Surrender to the truth of life, get drunk, fall in love, light a fire, throw on a hopeless poem of impossible longing, let the depth of a lover's eyes pull you down and down until you find compassion for all the world in your own pleading helplessness. Only my jealousy of young love is greater than my sympathy. Oldies - kiss and remember. Youngsters - kiss and make your memories.

Today is Câlin day in Paris. 

Emma Thinx: La soupe of gods is love. Suck it up.