Monday 4 June 2012

Postcard from Saint Savinien Sur Charente

Postcard from Saint Savinien
Just as I was thinking that I could live with the idea of being properly English, I arrived back at my home in France. I feel unpatriotic - like one of those reviled rebels who do not stand up for the National Anthem. I want you all to know that I do stand for the anthem. I also stand up for the Star Spangled Banner (I have family in the USA) and for La Marseillaise because I love France and it is a great song. I know I should be in England for the jubilee - but here is my home and I can only come when I can get away from the bus.

And now for the big big question. I have French guests for dinner on Wednesday and I want to serve something very English. I am tempted to go for Sausage Toad - otherwise known as Toad In The Hole. It is delicious of course, but I cannot think of it without flashing back to factory canteen self service queues. Toad, beans n'chips fed Britain when we were Great and still made our own clothes pegs. I do smile at the idea of enormous fuel guzzling ships carrying huge containers from around the world filled with plastic clothes pegs. There must be some mistake. I'm sure that somewhere all this waste, greed and exploitation results from some simple mistake.

Going back to the meal, I am always a bit worried when cooking for French folk. At the breast it is common for infants to ask if goat's milk is available with a little more ground pepper s'il vous plait. They are born as gourmets. The other problem is a translation .."Crapaud Dans Le Trou" does not quite do it somehow. All the same I'm gonna go for it. I'll put the recipe on Pinterest.

Rebekah Booked
Being home in France I have entirely lost the will to talk about anything momentous. Back in the UK all manner of show trials are shaping up and the entire police force is now working on Rebekah Brooks and the affairs of Mogul Murdoch. These folk are an unapproachable  social class to me but I do feel sorry for her. When we get a bit closer to the self righteous legal carnival I will wade in with some Blistering Sistering. All I will say for now is that when my lawn mower and bike were stolen last year, a police officer phoned to ask me if I knew who had done it. Since I did not, the case was closed. Hundreds and hundreds of cops are trying to nail one woman who might or might not have known about some celebrity phone hacking. It will cost millions - and who will pay? OK - you have guessed - you tax paying powerless non celebrity suckers. I do want to say that if you watched the Whitney Houston clip above and know her tragic story, - just remember that the "gutter press" attacked again and again the drug barons and hacked their phones while the police were sitting on their on hands. 

Rebekah Brooks would wince at being called comrade....But Comrade/Sister Brooks - we do know that this a show trial and for what it's worth I am on your side as a woman and as a dispossessed News Of The World reader.
Don't rush
Bridge over untroubled water

Big sky postcard day to take home
Venice - eat your heart out

Step This way
Roof and River

All I really want to do is share with you some images of my lovely town of Saint Savinien sur Charente in France. In this case public money has been spent on guys who know how to cut stone to create beauty. France is still a land of tradition and respect for the artisan.  The local mayor, Monsieur Jean-Claude Godinot is something of a visionary and has set about building works to make the place a joy to the eyes. A clumsy 1960's concrete "Brutalist" old folks home blocked a view of the church. In the UK we would have had 10 committees, 4 bishops, a professional atheist, a protest group, a pro group, an undecided liberal/green coalition and two public enquiries. Here, we have one man, several earth moving machines and a vision. All the old folk were re-housed properly by the way. In less than a week, the view was restored. If you want a holiday or a break in France you should put this place on your list. Take a look at the photos of ce village de pierre et de l'eau.

Emma thinx: Let not the weight of Law extinguish the light of Justice.


  1. Nice story. It's a shame that here in England, no longer a United Kingdom, we are saturated in celebrity gossip, and as you say, show trials, to keep the mob quiet so we don't see the corruption in government. Forget justice and not only in England, look what the Swedish government did to Assange. A trumped-up, US-sponsored smear.
    We survive, and that's about all.

  2. Hi BAzz, could not agree more about Assange. All of a sudden judicial process has become part of the dirty tricks and spin circus. I think the politicos think we do not realise it....Many thanks for stopping by

  3. Enjoyed this wonderful post, as I always do when you sit down at your keyboard. I know little of Europe being their only once. I spent a great deal of time in Italy for the very thing you talk about at the end of your blog - the amazing love and devotion to beauty. We North Americans don't grasp fully why beauty is so important and thus place less than reasonable value on it. It's always about the dollar instead. Loved the photos. Thank you for such lovely scenes.

  4. Hi Christina, thanks for stopping by. I am so lucky to have a home in a such a place. I arrived back in the grey cold UK this morning. At least I can get some fish and chips tonight!


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