Thursday 28 June 2012

Gather Thee Rose Buds

 As you will know, I spend a portion of my life at the wheel of a bus. Another portion is dedicated to general mother hen coop behaviour and a huge floral purple chunk is lavished on Romance writing. This has always created problems of identity and to some extent fear. In the back of my mind was that one day I would be driving a bus load of rugby club stag night revellers and that one of them would have read my book and would seek to discuss that naked outdoor scene. 

Lord  Lucan
And so it was that I did something rather naughty. Normally such things bring me pleasure but today I have to confess. The photo on my website and blogs was not me. I bought it from an agency and I have no idea who she is. Of course, she is not beautiful and sophisticated like me - although a goodly number of anonymous gentlemen have been very drawn to her, seeking friendship and small amounts of money for their plane fares. If you look at the photo today - yes - that is me. In the end I figured that since in a year I had not met any drunken stags who had read a book, I had been worrying about nothing. When I wrote the book and brought it out, I had no idea what would happen and knew nothing about modern publishing. Sending off stories to faceless editors was easy and for all they cared I could have been Lord Lucan. In fact, I think that would have been a great gimmick.

 Putting all that aside, something quite remarkable happened to me. I was invited to join an online literary group of writers, reviewers and publishers. Going under the title "", they have been in business for a year and aim to showcase and support authors and readers for mutual benefit. They held their first literary festival 'A Summer Audience' at Tetbury on 16th June. I met some fantastic and energetic people. At the end of the session they announced their choice of new authors - and I was one of them along with Ali Bacon and Carol E Wyer. This was a big WOW moment for me that dwarfed the responses of my passionate heroines. Being chosen is such a great thing. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt wanted straight away. Whatever happens in my writing career, this will be a top moment for me.  To see my author page on their platform click here.
The Love A Happy Ending Team

The group is an astonishing mixture of styles and genres. There is everything from crime to spiritual healing. Until now I have had very little exposure in the UK and I look forward to joining in all the activities of the group. I would like to thank all the guys who fixed the food, arranged all the logistics and made the day so enjoyable. I'm hoping to introduce some of the elements of publishing that I have learned the hard way by marketing in the USA.  Everybody loves a happy ending. 

Emma thinx: The happiest endings don't. 


  1. Now, THAT'S a happy ending. Or is it a beginning? Maybe both. BTW, you are beautiful.

  2. I concur with Jack. Nice to see you!

  3. Wow Emma - I'm in awe of not only you driving a bus but of your adventurous spirit in buying an agency photo for your avatar! So glad we have met(and got over the photo confusion) and that we will get the chance to get to know and support each other through Thanks for introducing me to Triberr by the way - it looks very interesting!

    Love, Janice xx

  4. Wow! I have to admit this came as a bit of a shock. I'd already made the mental association between your avatar's shorter haircut and your sassy attitude. It's like when you hear someone's voice on the radio and you subconsciously develop a picture of that person in your mind and then wind up being completely shocked when you finally see their picture.

    Congratulations on stepping up and confessing. That must have taken some real fortitude.

  5. Very happy for your membership in a group that sounds like it will provide hours of enjoyment, fellowship and perhaps assistance when needed. I feel like I'm meeting a totally new person. I say; the mind is a strange affair. It is shameless in the licence it assumes to create whatever the hell it chooses without any interference from facts. Fun to know the outside of the real you. The inside has always been grand.

  6. Wow! that was quite a story. Love it, knowing you ride a red bus! You sound quite a character. Look forward to getting to know you and your writings. Funny that, how things have their way in bringing you out into the light.

  7. Emma I cannot thank you enough for giving me permission to make public my true identity. You are the best my friend, the very best.
    Yours to count on,
    The Phantom
    AKA Bert Carson

  8. Totally love the new photo - you are happy and anyone can see how much you enjoy life from that smile! The old photo bears no comparison, the lady was lovely but looked so worried (laugh)!

    So glad you are one of the group Emma, it's a writing family and that's such a wonderful thing when being an author can be so isolating. Keep on bussing - wow! L

  9. It was wonderful meeting you in Tetbury, Emma, and I am so thrilled you have joined our fun and supportive group: a happy ending for sure! Love your blog too, and look forward to many a fun post. OH, and: my little boys will be so excited to hear that I know a real bona fide Red Bus driver. (I didn't get that wrong, did I?) Congrats again, and see you soon! xx

  10. You are exactly the way your novels are: full of adventure, memorable moments intriguing surprises, and a happy ending or two..

  11. All hail Emma Calin (pinched from Men in Black) from an ex-clippie to a bus driver. I'm the crimo who was too busy laying red herrings around the Tetbury event to have her photo taken with the group. Besides, it's not too good for a crimo to be recognised! Welcome to Love a Happy Ending from the writer of not so happy beginnings and middles, not sure about the endings!


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