Thursday 20 February 2014

French Letters

In the heat of battle, she was his hottest thought. 
Today I'm revealing Josephine, Empress of France on my  Pinterest board. I'm grateful to the site Queen of the Night Reviews for hosting me. In Shannon's Law, our heroine seems to walk in the footsteps of this famous femme fatale. 

For sure she was something of a handful even for  an emperor. My impression is that she was the boss in their relationship. In my story Shannon certainly sets the tone and her earl is happy to follow. My full feature is here. The picture above is a copy of a book of Napoleon's letters to Josephine. This book was given to me by the poet Oscar Sparrow at the beginning of our relationship. He'd bought it from one of those booksellers by the Seine in Paris. Loitering in Paris is his favourite occupation. Poets don't do deadlines and book launches. They die and get discovered.

Emma Thinx:   Dip Cupid's arrow in ink. 

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