Sunday 18 May 2014

Yo! Les Choses Insolites

Surrealist barbecue boogie woogie
I turned on my e-mail this Sunday night expecting nothing but the commercial diet of daily desire enhancement. Par hazard a kind soul had sent me a link to a girl group called the Boxettes. The old Spanish/Parisian surrealists like Bunuel and Dali wrapped themselves in the happenstance of unexpected things - les choses insolites.

Today was warm and some of my family showed up sur le vif and we cobbled together an unexpected barbecue. Oh happy day that has no parent but the sun! Still floating on the red wine languor of a meal in good company, I stumbled on the Boxettes - et voila.  

Here is some joy of life girl power. 

Emma Thinx: Box clever. Stay outside the box.

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