Thursday 25 July 2013

Blogger Book Fair - @BarbaraBillig Guest Post - The Nuclear Catastrophe #BBF

Today as part of the Blogger Book Fair I am hosting the author Barbara Billig...

THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE, a fiction novel of survival (3rd edition) A new FICTION NOVEL for EVERYONE – written for your entertainment & to raise nuclear awareness.

 THE NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE is set in Southern California and deals with characters caught in a disaster that they thought could NEVER happen. Ben, head of Whitewater Nuclear Power Plant & his pregnant wife Sara live in San Mirado, near the ocean. One fateful day the unexpected happens.....Ben and Sara, the plant workers, the people living in San Mirado and those in adjacent cities all have to make decisions as to what to do, where to go. Their choices have both good and bad consequences.

#1A NewBookCoverImage2This fictional story brings home the reality of what would or could happen. History has shown us time after time that......what can go wrong....will go wrong. What would YOU do? Your answers may be different after reading this novel.

Read how these characters faced difficult choices - and decide what you would have done - or will do.

This book is available at Amazon Worldwide as an ebook (Kindle version) or in paperback. Kindle books can be downloaded to The Kindle or to a PC or Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone.

Visit to download a free Kindle app that allows this book to be read on a PC, Tablet, Notebook, or Smartphone.

 This fiction novel is meant to entertain and to educate. Very little has been written on this subject that is not a deep non-fiction book. And now that we have experienced the nuclear disasters of Fukushima and Chernobyl we know how dangerous these power plants can be.

As of 2011 there were 442 nuclear power plants operating or under construction in the world. The United States has 104. Whether it is a terrorist dirty bomb or a nuclear melt down - we should know what is happening and be prepared. I hope you will take the time to read this fictional story.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of the E book in 2013 are being donated to a charity to support the forgotten victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.   Download from Amazon

What some of the readers have said: 

"I enjoyed this book because it could happen. I think anyone living in a state with a nuclear reactor exists should read this."

"A frightening tale of survival. You never really think about the events that take place after you have been stripped of normal day to day resources. No police, hospitals, you are your own 911 and now have to protect yourself against the world." 

"A worthy read! This is a book whose vivid, thought-provoking images have stayed with me even months after reading it! It helped me to better understand the potential repercussions of a nuclear disaster."
Barbara Griffin Billig Thanks You!

Barbara Griffin Billig Thanks You For Your Interest!

Read an excerpt now: 
Available also as THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe in Paperback

Thanks for visiting Barbara!

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