Saturday 20 July 2013

Absolutely Nothing To Do With Anything

I'd been writing most of the day. You know, hardcore romance about overwhelming immoral, wonderful, sexual, unmarried love and passion. We went to the shops and had a coffee at an outdoor bar. I sipped a cappuccino  - you know me being a modern sophistocrat and all. The waiters were young guys - students I guess. I was sitting with my lover poet man Oscar talking about character development in a novel. Just how much percentage can you give this stuff? It seemed important to me - but most things I want to say seem that way.

From inside the bar came a young man's pure voice singing Schubert's Ave Maria. I'm no Christian. I'm not anything at all but I know a neutral non sectarian angel of mother love and joy passed by and filled that young guy's heart. He passed it on and I was there. I was a conscious being in that moment and I was more than me.

Emma Thinx: Belief outlines. Disbelief defines.


  1. One of my very favorite pieces of music...Yes, it is SO uplifting, makes you float away and Placido Domingo's voice is heaven (I heard him in the flesh here in Rome, precisely singing that!) Goose pimples guaranteed, I tell you!

    Rarely can literature reach such heights...poetry can.

    Thanks for reminding us where True Beauty resides!

    I got the impression you broke you foot? How did that happen? Are you okay? I broke my ankle too(2 weeks ago, am ok now)...I guess we have more than a taste in music in common, ha ha!

  2. Great to hear from you Claude - thanks for commenting. Lucky you - to see the great man perform in such a wonderful setting. My daughter has just returned from Italy after a music tour and watched a performance of the Verdi Requiem in Verona's amphitheatre - complete with lightening storm! I am so envious.

    As for me - not a broken foot but a snapped quadriceps tendon. I slipped up on a ferry to France about 15 months ago and have been trying to convince the British NHS that my lower leg was out of control. They finally, reluctantly, operated 3 weeks ago and were surprised to discover the mess inside (I knew all along!). They drilled my kneecap and threaded the tendon back on. Gory stuff - but it WORKS! I can already feel a big difference and with the exercises it's improving every day which is such a relief. I feel for you as it is just so debilitating when a limb is out of action. Are you in plaster? Are you allowed to walk on it? Swelling is always an issue especially in the heat - sp keep that leg up in the air! Take care Claude, Emma x


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