Thursday 6 June 2013

Sea, Blood And Tears Share The Same Salt

Recently I have had the chance to read some books. Well, let's say that my natural tendency to do what I enjoy rather than anything else, overwhelmed me. There's nothing I like more than being whelmed over while a one pot provençal dish simmers and I sample the wine - just to make sure it's exactly the right complimentary balance. Sometimes I get to serve it with the meal but often it is completely unsuitable for others and I have to finish it.  

Now looking at the cover of "The Wind Weeps" I kinda felt the story would be set in a landscape. Wild natural surroundings provide both backdrop and  stage for the players. It can be read on more than one level. The mercilessness and selfish pragmatism of Nature may or not be a metaphor for the actions of characters. A sudden wrong judgement by a fish may leave it hooked. After all, the bait had all the desirable signs. Of course human beings always know what they want and don't make mistakes.

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My Amazon 5 star review of The Wind Weeps by Anneli Purchase:

A really good story! We don't always make the right choices. We always think we can change people but human nature is very complex. Set in an unforgiving landscape of fittest survival, the human is a fragile and troubled creature. This is a book where the writer clearly knows that small mistakes can hook you in the mouth like a salmon on a merciless steel line. The water is cold for any warm blooded stranger who falls in the struggle. Yet this is the true life for these characters on the fishing grounds of the North. No ice can freeze the heat of desire and no innocence of springtime can un-cry the tears of youthful regret. Set in an awesome savage beauty, the human spirit goes on through real and imagined kisses and wine to find a wider perspective. We are free because love imprisons us. I adored this book for its exploration of this dilemma set in the real lives of real folk. No highfalutin literati posturing but a hand on the winch, a knife in the hand and a pulse in the flesh mix in this story. The style is straightforward without gratuitous flourishes - a bit like ice and a loving kiss. A sexually sophisticated and tension packed story. A good good read!

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I am delighted to say that Anneli Purchase is guesting on this blog tomorrow. See you here.

Emma Thinx:  Wisdom trusts only itself. The wise avoid it.


  1. Anneli crafts compelling stories! I will be back for her guest post tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. I can hardly wait to see it. Thanks for hosting me, Emma.

  3. A great review Emma and I totally agree with you. Anneli writes with a straightforward style and the settings whisk you away to another place entirely. It certainly brought home to me how harsh life can be in some climates.

  4. Anneli tells a terrific tale and paints a gorgeous picture of Coastal British Columbia. A boating summer vacation;along with Anneli's three novels would be such a treat!


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