Monday 15 October 2012

Emma's Dilemmas

When I was at school, deep deep down, I wanted a badge. Many other girls had sports teams badges and there were badges for prefects and monitors. My one ascent to power was when I stood in as a deputy lavatory monitor but I was not given a badge. My temporary position gave me the power to eject loitering girls from the toilet area and report any incidences of cigarette possession to the Authorities. I was ready to betray every friendship in pursuit of a badge but no one offended and my chance slipped away. 

But now, at last I have a badge. I have become an editor. Thanks to I have started to edit a regular feature on writerly topics. Smoking and loitering will be permitted. If anyone knows where I can get an official editor's lapel badge, please please please Miss, I want one so much!

Emma thinx: You never grow taller than the shadow of childhood.


  1. Here's another badge for you: Grand Poohbah of Jack's Friends. Wear it with pride (on second thought, you may want to keep it on the down low as I have many enemies)

  2. I have a Canada lapel badge but I guess that likely wouldn't meet the mark. I like this new blog, badge or not.

  3. You could wear a blue pencil behind your ear! Congrats, Emma!!

  4. You are a fine writer who understands the need for a tough, demanding editor. That knowledge and attitude alone will make you a great editor.


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