Friday 2 March 2012

Roll Play Exercise

Spot the difference

There's a song by Janis Ian which contains the line "Let's drink a toast to those who best survived the life they led". Well - here's to all those who've survived the drink and the toast - and the butter, the foie gras and the chocolate. Life catches up with us doesn't it. The bus driving blogger novelist carboholic lifestyle has done its worst. It is not that the situation has got out of hand. It has got out of both hands. Soon I'll have enough spare tyres for every wheel on the bus. It had to stop. I have joined a gym. When I finish my morning shift I go straight to a modern cathedral of techno-flab where there are merciless machines that have ways of making you squawk.

 Even worse the place is half full of skinny pert anorexics who do not need to be there and spend their self righteous time watching the sagging wobblers gasping for survival. If that were not bad enough I encounter neighbours and acquaintances to whom I would never present myself in rippling Spandex. I have seen a few films of an erotic and anatomical/educational nature where the participants wear masks so as not to be recognised (I assume) by friends, work colleagues or members of the book club. A small comfort like this would double membership. Luckily a little ray of sunshine fell upon me today. I staggered back through the door after a treadmill session watching a TV show about liposuction and heart transplants. There on the mat was a lovely sample selection from "Hotel Chocolat". Damn - I must have forgotten to cancel my subscription. And before I move on to literary matters here is a video clip I found whilst researching Vladimir rootin tootin Putin. I think it's about dieting. Keep watching until you see the ballet dancers! Wow - Oscar likes this video, but only the classical paintings. Seriously though - this world has so many cultures! Rejoice.

Tomorrow (Saturday 3rd March) is a free KDP day for "Knockout". The tweetbots and all the engines of cyber triberr will be whirring. I apologise for all the self promo. If you've not got your copy roll up roll up. Here are the links:
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Emma thinx: Beauty is only deep skin.


  1. I paid $400.00 for a gym membership once; it didn't work for me. Apparently, you have to show up.

    How one lives without chocolate is beyond me. It'll never happen to this chick!

    Love the video! You don't even need to know Russian to get it, in fact it needs no words at all.

    Great write, as always, Emma!!

  2. Right there with you, Emma! I can't go to a gym, I have to get outside or embarrass myself in front of my dogs by jumping around like a banshee in my living room. But, if I don't exercise at all, I'll be double the size of the naked lady up there in those pictures...been there!

    Good Luck my bus driving friend! "Just keep swimming..."

  3. Emma! Thank you. I've been trying to push myself to the gym for the past three days. If ever there was motivation - the pictures at the top - oh, my!

  4. PS - I almost forgot - loved the ballet dancers!


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