Friday 2 September 2011

Howdy Partner

Oh no! Misted up windows when I got up. A quick check outside revealed several citoyens in coats and hats - now you know they're not Brits because for them it'll be shorts and T shirts until October. It is quite astonishing to me that just a few hundred miles further south makes the climate so different and the folk so much less tolerant of cold.

Readers may think that I kinda bang on about the virtues of simple soil huggers at the expense of the capitalist globalisers and grabsters. However, there is one element of "modern" culture that embodies every excess of Hollywood bezaz and fakery. It is the American musical and I just love them. Last night I watched "Oklahoma" and last week I watched "State Fair". I've lost count of how many times I've seen "Carousel". The guys who wrote and produced these shows were touched by genius and also the desire to make it the best possible show that could be made. I know it lacks cred to admit to watching them these days but if you were too young to have been aware of this genre at the time you could be in for a real treat. As a snap shot of American attitudes in the 1950's it shows you just how glum we have all become. If you are a romance reader these films are for you. Go on Amazon and check out "Rodgers and Hamerstein" . Prices for sets vary a lot so look carefully at the whole range.

Blog is short today cos I've got a meeting about a book project. Do you think I'll get an offer and a huge advance cheque? Bet I don't.

Emma thinx: When cars had fins, dreams had wings.

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