Monday 12 September 2011

Buddy Can You Spare A Euro?

I don't know about you but I felt pretty wretched yesterday. Those awful events are printed on us like unfading tattoos. Gravity seemed pompous and levity seemed flippant and cold. Just to rejoice in life seemed selfish. I hope all Americans realise how deeply Europeans feel their sorrow. Here in France and I know from friends in the UK, yesterday was a very special sombre day. People spoke of little else and they did not speak much.

This morning the good old BBC re-started the world with the news that UK police had raided an illegal "travellers" caravan site and had  discovered "slaves".  What this means is that all manner of the ugly, the girls too unattractive for sex, the mentally handicapped, the addicted and the mentally ill etc. had been held captive by greedy gangmasters and used as slave labour without pay. Now, to polite middle class British Society this matter appears to be astonishing. These days I can posture as a polite lady offering  French cuisine tips, chatting about fruit jam, the entertainment at restaurants and chortling at my good fortune in life. You see -  I've got a bit of money (AND DON'T KID YOURSELVES - THAT IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT). It was not always thus. Once upon a time as a result of my own failings and lusts I ended up poor and somewhat dispossessed. I had to bear all manner of  trouble. Compared to the suffering of many people's lives it was nothing. I wrote a story titled "Sub Prime". From the dozens of short stories I have churned out this is the only one I try to promote. The rest are trash market dictated product to be quite frank. All I can say about this story is that it is true and that these things go on. It's free on Smashwords because I don't want any money from it. It would be free on Amazon but they do not seem to allow us Indie Authors to price at zero.  If the word "Gangmaster" is only something you've heard pronounced in a journalistic voice on the media then spend the entire sum of nothing and get an insight. I was lucky - I was a migrating bird touching down to re-fuel. There are many flightless birds.

Oh No - money takes the world to ground. Awful wailings and gnashings of imperfectly formed teeth in the French banking world. OK - you buy securities that aren't secure at higher than their value and ghastly gimlet eyed bean counters poke at your balloons. Look - we all know the direction this is heading. Let's hope that it doesn't end up with guys in uniform bellowing simplicities into hungry ears. Now, why would anyone think that could happen?

Emma thinx: Justice: One man one second to act. All men for ever to judge.

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