Monday 19 September 2011

Blue Collar Scholar.

Well, it had to happen. I'm on the way back to the UK at least until Christmas. Gilles has to work in London for a while. (That's where I grabbed him in the first place). There is also the very distinct possibility that I will be getting a job. It's about time! I had enough savings to keep myself propped up during the summer and more or less dedicated myself to writing....and maybe a bit of hedonistic pure idleness. Being able to write in tranquillity without all the jingle jangle has been wonderful. The fruits of these labours should surface over the next couple of months. In the mean time I hope to take the kind of job suited to a Romantic novelist, poet and philosopher. Yes, you've guessed it - I'm gonna be a bus driver. Well, not a really real one. My friend Geoffrey Phillips who did the narration on "Sub Prime" works for a school bus operator and there is vacancy for ME. You may wonder why I have a bus driver's license? Well, I'll leave that question hanging just to excite you. But all this proves exactly what I said yesterday. All those top jobs and inside information never come out to the masses. So, even a minimum wage, no contract, casual job gets sorted out under the radar because you know someone. I am a pluto-rat and a self seeker. I am ashamed. In the case of a bus driving job this is known as Depotism. 

But, I'm putting my shoulders back and breathing that pure air of the proletariat. The British climate is often horrid. I am anticipating cold wet darkness. I will be one of my own people, sharing their struggle, mashing my potatoes into their gravy, voting on X factor, building the barricades, frying my fish fingers, preparing Findus savoury pancakes. The serious issue here is that once again I will be able to comment on the national politics. In France I have always kept quiet because it is not my country and not my place to opine. I have loved my home in Charente Maritime and soon enough I will be back. Maybe the next book will be mega and I can once again think of writing full time. For now I just have a couple of issues on which to concentrate. Remember to drive on the left. Recover my proper accent! 

Emma thinx: One door closes. A trap door opens.

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