Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Moving To Wordpress

On 11th June 2011 I started to blog on this site. Since then some 417 posts have appeared. Much has changed in that time. The blog was once the essential flagship of the wannabe blockbuster author like me. Now it is a diminished form in the jingle jangle jumble of competing media voices. People are at full stretch just trying to sell their own deal or ducking out of infinite sales pitches.

For all that, it's been a great experience and pleasure to be on here. Over the past year my stats have been completely meaningless on account of Russian Spambots hitting the site multi-thousands of times.  Thanks to everyone who has read and/or commented on my blog. I'm gonna carry on via Wordpress to see if there is a genuine audience out there. You can find me here .

Jambon melangé en croûte avec blé complet et salade verte. (SPAM fritters)
Did you ever wonder if the genuine delicious SPAM has suffered by association with junk mail? To be honest I'm a SPAM fan and often tuck into a SPAM fritter when the gourmet world isn't watching.

Emma Thinx: The sword of spam is mightier than the pen


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