Friday 12 April 2013

Coming Out Of My Shell

Someone once mocked a political opponent by saying that they "could not run a whelk stall". I don't think I could either - because I'd eat them all. Whelks are far too good to serve or sell to other people. I'm not too sure how well known they are in the USA but I think Italians may call them Scungilli. If you fancy some nice juicy yet chewy snail type food here is a link to a NY Times article

Here in France they are called "bulot". As I write this little blog a background fantasy of sea food is playing in the middle of my mind.  The attached You Tube clip is just to show you how to be sure to add enough salt to oxidise your cardiac pacemaker.

The only reason Fruits de Mer and bulots are going round in my head is that I have just seen some at la poissonnerie and denied myself even a single lick. Today is a fasting day  on the 5:2 diet so it's all about sacrifice. I still don't think I could run a whelk stall though.

Allowing myself to look at whelks was a special treat to celebrate the completion of the final story for my forthcoming collection of shorts and novelettes which will go out under the banner Love In A Hopeless Place. They are all stories of love among poorer people in urban settings. The final story has probably been the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. I know it will shock and appal many people. In the end I thought I had to write it because it is more or less a re-creation of true events without too much intervention by me. I'm never afraid of putting sex in my stories and in cases where this is what motivates characters, you just cannot avoid it. I am a bit nervous of the contents. There are advisers around me of the Disney tendency who have turned a ghostly pale on first reading. Might be a good sign eh?  Good job I'm an orphan. The title is indeed a lift of the Rihanna song because in the story, a couple of the characters sing it. 

Emma thinx: Freedom Air - calorie free seafood to inhale. 


  1. Emma,
    When can I expect Love In A Hopeless Place to show up at
    What a deal, spring, wisteria, and Emma.
    You are simply the best.

    1. Thanks Bert! I'm hoping to get the final edit and cover artwork sorted in the next couple of weeks - so on Amazon by the end of May with luck, a following wind and a speedy recovery from imminent leg surgery to reattach part of my quad muscle (eek!). x

  2. I bet I have eaten as many whelks as you have grits. And neither one of us wants a second helping. I love reading what you have to say because I never know what's coming and am delighted when it slaps me in the face. Great job as always.

    1. I looked up 'grits' on Wiki - ooh dear me, I think that Whelks are far sexier...

      I'm glad that you never know what's coming next as it's usually a surprise to me too! Thanks for your support and kind words. x


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