Sunday 23 September 2012

Oh Autumn - Love Child of Spring

Oh juice! Oh fullness; Oh grown love-child of Spring !
Season of mists and mellow novelists; Ah yes Autumn it is. Cold arrows of rain drench my heroine's passion as I sit here trying to write about rising sap and hormone inspired springtime lust.  I always find it easier to write during the actual season where my characters are. Trouble is, it would always be Spring or Summer. All that northern writhing on rugs in front of open fires has always seemed hazardous to me and you have to be careful about where you catch sparks and chilblains. 
Torn wings of toil, mortal beauty in the last sun.

England is the most wonderful of countries. Yesterday I cycled to the country town of Stockbridge and sat in the warm sun watching an alien tweed clad upper class world go by. I stopped and watched the last late cygnets in the river Test. Four deer startled and ran through the sun dappled woods where the bluebells will bloom in May. I long for them now and for their prophets - the snowdrops. 

Today is cold and the last swallows fill their tanks before hitting the gas pedal and heading south. Geese begin to gather at the starting line. Soon enough it will be out to work in the dark and home in the dark. Perhaps I should strategically place a furry rug in front of the open log fire and do some research. No fire - no problem: I could paint some flames on a radiator in the lounge I guess.
Willows overhang a sun warmed river Test. 

In these last days of pseudo summer I took some pictures. Once upon a time I could have done a poem but that gift voucher is long ago spent on frippery, anger and hoover bags. 

Emma thinx: If it's going, let it go. Just keep hold of the string. 


  1. Oh, you poet, you!! Both in words and photography. So lovely, Emma!!

  2. The seasons change. The characters change. The stories change. And I like to chase after them all.

  3. "England is the most wonderful of countries."
    Amen to that!

    You have such a wonderful way with words. I'm jealous.

  4. From this far northern girl, never underestimate the romantic allure of snow and fire. Getting close is sometimes life saving in more ways than one! Keep on reminding us, Emma, of the beauty and romance of life.

  5. Absolutely lovely. I wish I could remember that Paul Gallico quote - something like: "Summer wed Autumn, and grew their Winter child." Does anyone know it? It's from The Snow Goose, I think.


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