Thursday 26 January 2012

Free Market Slaves

If you look at my previous post you might have gotten the idea that I am a sex fuelled hedonist. Well, if not I'm gonna try and try until I make it there. It's only lack of book sales that is holding me back. 

But let's talk about the "new capitalism" which is the buzz on the economic block. I hear Euro politicoids talking about "Fairness" as if the concept had just arrived on their desks with all the kick-ass imperative of a memo from Rupert Murdoch. Before all the social class, religion, nationalism and wealth difference poisons and divides kids - they know about fairness and justice at the age of three. Just try telling a toddler he took his brother's chocolate biscuit when he knows his sibling took it himself and framed him.

 So - how is it that something so atavistic, so recurrent and ingrained in mankind has been subverted and lost in our teeming world of worshipped and applauded greed? I heard PM Cameron today declaring that Europe was falling behind the productive capacity of China. Oh no - maybe our systems of democracy, health and safety, social care, civil rights, conditions of work and wages are holding us back? Dear me - there is the answer then. Let's all race to the bottom. The finest time of Britain and the Empire was when slaves were bartered for gold,  children started work at the age of nine and life expectancy was 25years. At least it would get rid of a few rival novelists on Amazon.

A few months ago a case of "human slavery" was discovered in the UK. There was wailing and a general gnashing of teeth. The political class were astounded and outraged. However, it was not a surprise to some of us. If you want another story here is a link to a terrible tragedy in 2004. At a time of my life when I was  destitute I went to work as a turkey process hand. It was tough. Let me say that again - it was tough enough to break your bloody heart.  I wrote a story because fiction is far more powerful than "News" because that happens somewhere else. The girl in the story is unattractive and therefore could not work as a prostitute which is the fate of most trafficked females. That does not mean she won't be used and raped by her "masters".  The story is "Sub Prime" and is as true as a story can be. Ironically it is something of a best-seller although I have never wanted money from it. I have published it with an audio track, read by a dear friend.  I cannot read it myself because it makes me cry so much. 

This week-end Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January, "Sub-Prime" is free on Amazon, along with its MP3 audiobook that will also play on the Kindle (I have also have a free romance novel on the same promo).

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  1. We all deserve a "fair" chance. However, the problem begins when society attempts to insure a "fair" result.

  2. The problem doesn't begin with society attempting to create a fair result: the problem begins with a some people trying to take or have more than their fair share of everything. IE, power, food, wealth, control etc. The problem of society attempting to create a fair (biased?) result is a direct response to the greed and selfishness of a small number of people.

  3. Thanks for this post - you reminded me that I neglected to post a review when I finished Sub-Prime. I've now taken care of that. I hope you sell a million copies of every book you write. You have a great gift my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Bert. I know you've been there too and you know how much I respect your work.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's a grim topic but it needs to be shared. I downloaded my copy and can't wait to read it.


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